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Whether you’re buying or selling a home in Monmouth County, NJ, you’re going to need a great Real Estate Agent, unless you opt to sell F.S.B.O which I wouldn’t recommend. There are lots of Monmouth County Real Estate Agents out there and it’s very important for you to find the right one. It seems like this industry values quantity over quality. Like I said, there’s a lot of Real Estate Agents out there but realistically, only about 25% of them are good at what they do. That’s why, if you’re  looking for a Real Estate Agent in Monmouth County worth your time, I’ve put together this article to help you find one!

Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent in Monmouth County, NJ

Interview Multiple Real Estate Agents in the Monmouth County Area:

I suggest you interview about 2-3 Agents and see which one you feel most comfortable with. After all, you’re supposed to feel a connection with your Real Estate Agent. The very first question you should ask your Agent is if they’re familiar with the area. Let’s say you’re selling a home in south N.J, why would you want a north N.J Real Estate Agent to market/list the property? Chances are they’re not familiar with the area and aren’t going to have the correct answers to the many questions they’ll be asked about the home. Try to obtain an Agent who’s more local with experience in real estate in the Monmouth County, NJ area

Ask Where Your Property Will Be Marketed:

Another great question to ask your potential Monmouth County Real Estate Agent is “Where will my property be marketed?”. If your Agent is good, they’ll tell you every platform they’ll be using to market your property. Ideally, You’d want your property marketed on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Social Media, etc. There’s a bunch of different avenues your Agent could take to market your home and he/she should be using every single avenue available to them.
Monmouth County NJ Real Estate Agent

Ask About Open Houses:

Also, ask if your Real Estate Agent in Monmouth County is willing to do doing open houses. Open houses can be very beneficial to you as a seller. They get potential buyers through the door to come tour the property in person. It would seem like doing an open house is an obvious thing to do for a listing but I’ve literally witnessed multiple Agents deny them.

Ask About Photography:

You’re also going to want to ask your Monmouth County Real Estate Agent about photography. It’s extremely important that your Agent either has a professional camera and knows how to use it or hires a professional photographer when taking photos of your home. Good photos can and will sell your home much faster and draw much more attention. Once again, there are really Agents out there that will come take photos of your home on a cellphone from 2009, I see it happen often.

Social Media Presence:

Now, let’s talk a little bit about your Agent’s social media presence. You may not think this is important but it actually is. In the digital era that we’re all currently living through, social media pages act as a literal resume. Social media is where your Agent would usually post past sales and connect with new/old clients. By no means am I saying that your Agent should have 100,000 followers but they should definitely have some sort of social media presence for credibility.

Monmouth County NJ Real Estate Agents

Will You Be Dealing With Your Monmouth County Real Estate Agent Directly?

Another thing to ask your Real Estate Agent is if you’ll be dealing with them directly. A lot of Agents meet you on the initial listing appointment and then wind up passing you off to a team member to handle the small stuff that they don’t want to be bothered with. It’s important to have an Agent you can communicate with directly at any time of the day. He/she should be ready, willing and able to pick up your phone call no matter what they’re doing.

Ask Your Agent About Themselves:

Last but not least, ask your Agent about themselves. Like I said earlier, You’re supposed to have some kind of connection with your Agent! See if they have similar interests and bond over them, if your Agent is from the Monmouth County area, chances are they know the same people you do! It’s all about having a smooth conversation and feeling comfortable.

Are You Looking for an Experienced Real Estate Agent for Buying or Selling Your Come in the Monmouth County, New Jersey Area?

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the Central NJ area, Gianni Agosta is an experienced and personable Monmouth County real estate agent who is here to help! I am here to guide you through every step of the way!. As a local real estate agent, I have personal hands-on experience with real estate in Monmouth County in towns including: Marlboro, Shrewsbury, Aberdeen Township, Tinton Falls, Rumson, Fair Haven, Colts Neck, Eatontown, and many more in surrounding areas! For more information, you can call me at (347)466-0041 or contact me here.